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 presented byCountryBoardTitleHandPublished
 Gad ChadhaUnited Kingdom5879LSL Play-off match3 K843 AQ10972 KJ20/08/2019
 Dominique GerinFrance5870Half or full stopA765 7 AQJ74 J7211/08/2019
 Dimitre Stoev United Kingdom5835Swiss Teams YC - part Z J942 AKQ10864 10522/07/2019
 Claude CandillierFrance5829Bonjour tristesse107654 96 8632 AK18/07/2019
 Andy BowlesUnited Kingdom5818Opps cue-bid your openingA42 9 QJ842 KQ3212/07/2019
 Jean-luc SeretFrance5790Which red suit ?972 AK105 1076432 30/06/2019
 Claude CandillierFrance5771Cheville ouvrireAQ962 QJ4 K AKJ719/06/2019
 Francois PicardUnited Kingdom5764Zia the seniorJ432 K102 AJ108 QJ11/06/2019
 Jean-luc SeretFrance5744AwkwardKQ5 Q 8732 A1097430/05/2019
 Claude CandillierFrance5726The incredible HULKK73 6432 J9854221/05/2019
 Gad ChadhaUnited Kingdom5706Difficult rebid ?K3 A763 AQ6 Q74314/05/2019
 John CoxUnited Kingdom5693To bid or not to bid J64 Q109743 AQ4208/05/2019
 Christophe GrossetUnited Kingdom5671local Pairs with IMP scoresQJ653 5 AKQJ54 A29/04/2019
 Thierry GuerillotFrance5652Erreur de saisie..QJ87 A 654 QJ97516/04/2019
 Guillaume PicardFrance56262 weak from partnerAJ2 Q109 AKQ962 507/04/2019
 Philippe GrossetReunion5609interclub 18 K863 KQJ75 J7402/04/2019
 Francois PicardUnited Kingdom5599Pressure vs two championsJ109 65 A9763 KQ928/03/2019
 Antoine BergeFrance5583haut les coeurs!108 KQJ987 J93 J419/03/2019
 Jean-luc SeretFrance5538Balanced fitted hand after overcallKJ7 AKJ7 QJ107 K703/03/2019
 Dominique GoumardFrance5543a dvelopper(a suivre)6 8 A97654 A976504/03/2019
 Claude CandillierFrance5526Ouvrir son coeurKQ94 A10652 J954 01/03/2019
 Francois PicardUnited Kingdom550755 FridayAQ843 QJ3 A8642 19/02/2019
 Jacques PotierFrance5457Agreement ?Q85 972 A92 AJ7608/02/2019
 Jean-luc SeretFrance53973me couleur forcing6 875 AK83 AJ73214/01/2019
 Claude CandillierFrance5369Bon vent!J42 A97 A6432 AQ06/01/2019
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