Event:YC Ladies Teams 2019

Type: Teams 
Start date:23/11/2019 10:30 (GMT)   -  End date:24/11/2019 16:30 (GMT)
Registration status: Open - (Maximum number of registration:35)
Event email contact: paula2012leslie@gmail.com

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Registered List

 Total registered:25 (Places left:10) List sorted by the most recent registrations.
#Team namePlayer namesStatusCreated atUpdated
25ACASSEAida Jansma Anne Rosen Catherine Seale Susanna Gross Ewa Kater Suzanne Sheasby1.Submitted11/11/201911/11/2019 12:05
24JAGSJackie Fairclough Ann Catchpole Gitte Hecht-Johansen Sonia Griffiths1.Submitted07/11/201907/11/2019 15:33
23Celtic GirlsSarah Amos Andrea Knox Fiona Greenwood Julia Palmer1.Submitted06/11/201906/11/2019 21:46
22Welsh/Irish juniorsMel Thomas Soozy Nesom Aisling Hickey Monica Thorne1.Submitted30/10/201918/11/2019 19:28
21VALDValerie Burke Moran Lucy Phelan Dolores Gilliland Ann O'Connell1.Submitted26/10/201926/10/2019 20:41
20France GirlsAna´s Leleu, Mathilde Thuillez, Marie Coupel, Margaux Kurek, Wil Schlumberger, Constance Belloy1.Submitted10/10/201910/10/2019 08:28
19ChowAthena Chow Qian Li Daisy Dillon Laura Ersek1.Submitted30/09/201930/09/2019 12:13
18BakhshiHeather Bakhshi Claire Robinson Marusa Gold Diāna Nettleton1.Submitted30/09/201930/09/2019 12:13
17NygrenMargaret Nygren Sarah Bell Kathryn Cearns Frances Connell1.Submitted30/09/201930/09/2019 12:12
16The HanimalsLiz Gahan, Ewa Wieczorek, Alex Birchall, Hanna Tuus1.Submitted20/09/201920/09/2019 17:18
15Like mother like daughterRikke Capion Justesen Birgitte Capion Nielsen Majka Cilleborg Bilde Dorte Cilleborg Bilde1.Submitted05/09/201905/09/2019 12:21
14Wide, Deep and Big BugsAnn-Mari Juvik Kristine Breivik Liv Bugge Jonill Storoey1.Submitted02/09/201902/09/2019 17:03
13Working MamasHilde Bjoerlo Rebekka Bjoerkli Kirsten Dubland Margrethe Vassoey1.Submitted31/08/201931/08/2019 10:12
12GreenMarcia Green Heather Dhondy Sally Brock Fiona Brown1.Submitted21/08/201921/08/2019 11:00
11Poland GirlsDominika Ocylok Joanna Kokot Anna Zareba Monika Suchodolska1.Submitted15/08/201915/08/2019 11:12
10GunsmokeGunn Helness Lise Blagestad Stine Holmoy Maja Rom Anjer1.Submitted14/08/201914/08/2019 17:58
9AlliAllison Green Bridget Rampton Karen Dewar Eleanor Rice1.Submitted06/08/201906/08/2019 07:20
8VerveHannah Cornfield Rowena Clow Millie Jones Suzi Lawson1.Submitted29/07/201929/07/2019 11:35
7ChrisChris Duckworth, Agnes Wesseling, Conny ten Cate, Janine van Ipenburg1.Submitted24/07/201923/10/2019 15:15
6PaulaPaula Leslie Solvi Remen Lone Bilde Helle Rasmussen1.Submitted24/07/201921/08/2019 13:49
5KathKath Stynes Debbie Sandford Gilly Clench Jane Moore1.Submitted24/07/201918/11/2019 19:26
4KittyKitty Teltscher Nevena Senior Lizzie Godfrey Pauline Cohen1.Submitted24/07/201924/07/2019 12:03
3IndiaIndia Leeming Sue Johnson Carrie Eden June Taplin Helen Holmes Sarah Hargrove1.Submitted24/07/201918/11/2019 19:25
2The Good, the Bad, etcMargot Alfheim Pippi Borge Steen Krista Tharaldsen Lise Gronningen Otterlei1.Submitted24/07/201924/07/2019 12:01
1Black WidowsTonje Brogeland Tove Haugen Torild Heskje Lisbeth Glaerum1.Submitted19/03/201921/08/2019 13:49