Event:YCKO 2020

Type: KO 
Start date:01/11/19 18:00   -  End date:15/12/20 00:00
Registration status: Closed - (Maximum number of registration:32)
Event email contact: youngchelsea@btconnect.com
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Registered List

 Total registered:19 (Places left:13) List sorted by the most recent registrations.
#Team namePlayer namesPaymentStatusCreated atUpdated (UTC)
19TeltscherBernard Teltscher, Victor Silverstone, Tom Townsend, Alex Hydes, Stelio di Bello1.Submitted19/11/1919/11/19 00:40
18Nordic invadersIngar Hansen Fredrik Helness Paula Leslie Richard Hillman1.Submitted07/11/1907/11/19 14:23
17Rose n GunsHelen Rose, Sara Moran, Alex Crystol, Richard Bowdery1.Submitted30/10/1930/10/19 23:22
16benedictsDick Jordan, Simon Prager, TBA1.Submitted29/10/1929/10/19 00:16
15PhoenixJames Thrower Ali Ahmed Todor Tiholov Marusa Gold1.Submitted21/10/1921/10/19 11:52
14BinkieBrian Callaghan, Heather Dhondy, David Burn, Joe Fawcett, Richard Granville1.Submitted19/10/1922/10/19 09:52
13Hot FuzzLouise Selway, Will Roper, Kay Preddy, Norman Selway1.Submitted19/10/1919/10/19 13:31
12DuckworthChris Duckworth Mike Graham Graham Sadie Simon Cearns Simon Cocheme1.Submitted16/10/1916/10/19 09:28
11BridgeChallengeFrancois Picard, Andy Bowles, Shireen Mohandes, Nicolas leprovost, Christophe Grosset, John Cox1.Submitted14/10/1916/10/19 17:36
10MullerDavid Miller, Matthews,Cliffs, Mayo1.Submitted14/10/1914/10/19 20:00
9BlackBlack, Hallberg, King, McIntosh, Gold1.Submitted14/10/1914/10/19 19:58
8R RobinsonRay Robinson, H Har., Ed Sceri, G Jones1.Submitted14/10/1914/10/19 19:57
7PophamS Popham, J Pemberton , J Dean, Dean1.Submitted14/10/1914/10/19 19:55
6P.LawrencePatrick Lawrence, TBC1.Submitted14/10/1914/10/19 19:54
5BrockBrock, Myers, Hinden, Osborne1.Submitted14/10/1914/10/19 19:53
4RobinsonC Robinson, Gross, Taylor, Tanya, Li, Ye1.Submitted14/10/1914/10/19 19:52
3SushiSushi, sandquist,stynes, sandford,1.Submitted14/10/1914/10/19 19:50
2GoodchildL Goodchild, M Smith, P Brock, R Weetwater1.Submitted14/10/1914/10/19 19:49
1BellMike Bell, T Leslie, B Norton, S Matt, T Tomasini1.Submitted14/10/1914/10/19 19:45