Event:YC Christmas Party Duplicate

Type: Pairs 
Start date:14/12/19 15:00   -  End date:14/12/19 18:00
Registration status: Open - (Maximum number of registration:50)
Event email contact: youngchelsea@btconnect.com
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Registered List

 Total registered:8 (Places left:42) List sorted by the most recent registrations.
#Player namesPaymentStatusCreated atUpdated (UTC)
8Rowena Clow Richard Bowdery1.Submitted14/12/1914/12/19 13:48
7Dafydd Jones Tessa Jones1.Submitted13/12/1913/12/19 21:11
6Claire Robinson, Peter Taylor1.Submitted12/12/1912/12/19 23:15
5Gitte hecht-johansen1.Submitted29/11/1929/11/19 23:25
4Chris Duckworth, Mary Anne St Clair-Ford1.Submitted29/11/1929/11/19 13:38
3Dan Cardnell., Kath Stynes1.Submitted14/11/1914/11/19 00:33
2Carrie Eden, Mike Eden1.Submitted07/11/1907/11/19 00:39
1Hannah Cornfield, Brian Callaghan1.Submitted05/11/1905/11/19 01:01