Event:EBU Mixed Pairs Championship—Satellite Event

Type: Pairs    This event is online
Start date:12/08/21 19:00   -  End date:12/08/21 22:30
Registration status: Open - (Maximum number of registration:50)
Event email contact: manager@ycbc.co.uk
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Registered List

 Total registered:15 (Places left:35) List sorted by the most recent registrations.
#Player namesBBO usernamesPaymentStatusCreated atUpdated (UTC)
15Claire Robinson, Paul Bardenn/aDebit each player1.Submitted12/08/2112/08/21 14:27
14Thomas Gardner, Charlotte Bedfordthomasg_16, lottie_16Other1.Submitted11/08/2111/08/21 08:51
13Fionn O'Leary, Deirdre O'Learyfol1234, breenOther1.Submitted10/08/2110/08/21 19:02
12Mike Rawlins, Naomi GibbsMikeRaw, Naomi Gibonline3.Paid fully10/08/2111/08/21 07:50
11Andrew Doye & Lilias Lamontwerdna, LiliasLonline3.Paid fully07/08/2108/08/21 07:45
10India Natt, Eshan SinghalN/ADebit me in full1.Submitted07/08/2107/08/21 09:57
9Liz Muir Don ReidBiddiwuff, dreidonline3.Paid fully06/08/2108/08/21 07:46
8Martin Lerner, Helen Robinsonmclerner, probablymeDebit me in full1.Submitted05/08/2105/08/21 12:57
7Nick Browne, Judi Coadybrownebss,appydayzonline3.Paid fully02/08/2108/08/21 08:27
6David Douglas Debbie SandfordDebit each player1.Submitted15/07/2115/07/21 12:00
5Kath Stynes Mark LehtoDebit each player1.Submitted14/07/2114/07/21 15:25
4Louise Selway,Debit each player1.Submitted12/07/2112/07/21 21:56
3David Newman, Denise GrimstonDebit each player1.Submitted11/07/2111/07/21 22:06
2Carrie Eden, Mike EdenDebit each player1.Submitted09/07/2109/07/21 00:21
1Brian Callaghan, Chris DuckworthDebit me in full1.Submitted08/07/2108/07/21 16:56
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