Event:YCKO 2022

Type: KO 
Start date:06/12/21 12:00   -  End date:11/12/22 23:50
Registration status: Open - (Maximum number of registration:32)
Event email contact: manager@ycbc.co.uk
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Registered List

 Total registered:7 (Places left:25) List sorted by the most recent registrations.
#Team namePlayer namesPaymentStatusCreated atUpdated (UTC)
7OrcaEspen Erichsen Richard Plackett Peter Crouch Simon Cope Andrew Dyson Glyn Ligginsonline1.Submitted26/11/2126/11/21 15:58
6PhoenixAli Ahmed, Liam Sanderson, Croz Croswell, Jon ThoresenOther1.Submitted25/11/2125/11/21 16:07
5DuckworthChris Duckworth, Mike Graham, Graham Sadie, Simon CearnsDebit each player1.Submitted24/11/2124/11/21 12:57
4HindenFrances Hinden Graham Osborne Sally Brock Barry Myers Mike ScoltockDebit each player1.Submitted23/11/2123/11/21 15:12
3BinkieBrian Callaghan, David Burn, Heather Dhondy, Joe Fawcett, Richard GranvilleOther1.Submitted22/11/2122/11/21 13:54
2HarrisSteve Root, Niall Igoe, Eddie Malhasyan, Jonathon Harrisonline1.Submitted21/11/2121/11/21 22:25
1AardvarksClaire Robinson, Sara Moran, Paul Barden, Susanna Gross, Peter TaylorDebit each player1.Submitted16/11/2116/11/21 01:39
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